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  • Residential & Commercial Propane Delivery
  • Commercial Heater & Equipment Rentals
  • Propane Accessory Sales
  • Propane Tank Rentals & Sales
  • Retail Dispensers
  • Gas Fitting
  • Propane Cylinder Re-Certification & Maintenance

Propane Solutions Across Every Sector

Residential Heating

Home Heating

Pogo Propane provides full supply service for heating your home. Pogo’s experience and expertise can help set you up with the proper equipment and make heating your home cost effective and effortless.

Propane Training

Propane Training

Pogo Propane offers full training solutions under the direction of the Propane Training Institute to make sure everyone feels confident utilizing. Pogo Propane is a certified trainer under the Canadian Propane Association with a registered Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP)

Commercial Building Heating

Commercial Building Heating

Propane provides a consistent and powerful heating source to heat your large commercial building space. Let Pogo Propane provide their expert advice and to ensure your commercial heating success.

Construction Heating

Construction Heating

Pogo Propane offers complete heating solutions for your construction project, including portable heater rentals, gas accessories and dependable propane delivery. Click here to view our inventory of equipment.

Propane Dispenser

Propane Dispensing Stations

Pogo Propane provides complete propane dispensing station solutions to boost sales at any service station or provide efficient cylinder refueling at any commercial yard.

Forklift Cylinder Cage

Forklift Cylinder Service

Pogo Propane provides full service forklift cylinder rentals and dependable propane supply to keep your machines running.

grain drying

Grain Drying Solutions

Pogo Propane offers reliable propane supply to keep machines running during crucial agriculture production times.